Thursday, April 22, 2010

End of Semester Reflection

Although this class was a challenge for me, I learned a lot of new information. I think my overall computer knowledge and skills have increased a lot, simply because I had the opportunity to be constantly learning new applications and tools. I am much more advanced at using the specific technologies we have worked on throughout the semester and I feel like I am much better equipped to learn new technologies in the future.
My plan for the future is to continue learning about new technologies. I will definitely incorporate some of the technologies we have learned about in my teaching. For example, if I ever was going to assign a powerpoint presentation to my students, I think I would switch it up and have them do a prezi. I think that not only knowing the technologies myself, but sharing that knowledge with my students and colleagues, is an extremely important part of teaching and constantly evolving.
Overall, I am really happy I took this course. It was frustrating at times and I generally hate relying on technology to do everything. However, it was extremely beneficial. I loved how each project was geared toward each person's content area---I now have projects that I can practically use in my classroom.
Thanks for helping me learn more about technology and become a better teacher because of it!

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