Thursday, April 22, 2010

Course Assessment

I feel that this course has made me feel much more comfortable with technology. Before I took this course, I felt quite timid about integrating technology into my teaching and working with technology in general. I was unsure about my abilities and felt incompetent even at times. As a result of this course, however, I came to appreciate technology and all it has to offer. I am now familiar and comfortable with the Smartboard, photostory, Google Earth, and all of the "Tech of the Week" topics. In addition, I realized that teaching with technology is very much possible and gets students excited about learning.

I plan on integrating technology into my teaching quite often next year. I just took a job at a school district that has great technology. There are Smartboards in every room, computer labs, and iClickers. These technologies are all things I am familiar with now and will be able to use often when I teach.

The one thing I learned about myself and technology through this course is that before learning a technology have to tell myself that it is okay not to know everything about it right away. I have learned that in order to learn technology you must play around with it first before you will master it. I look forward to using it into my classroom next year!

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