Thursday, December 4, 2008

Overall Experience

This class has increased my knowledge of technology. I have learned so much about things that I have never even heard about before, such as Webquests. I have also increased my knowledge about things I have heard of before, such as wikispaces and Smartboards, and been allowed to practice my skills with programs that I am familiar with, such as Microsoft Powerpoint and Word.
By working with these new and familiar programs, I have been able to think about how I will use them in the classroom when I am a teacher. I believe that my experience in this class will help me to be creative when I am teaching and will help me keep my class interested. There are so many ways to apply my knowledge from this class to what I will be doing in the future. I think this class was very beneficial for me to take and I would recommend it to any other Education major on campus.

My Overall Experience

This class has certainly been an adventure! Although at times the technology was frustrating I know I have learned a lot. There were tools in word I never even knew existed, new ideas to use excel for, wiki spaces, smart boards, and web quests.

All of these skills will help me enhance my future classroom, especially the knowledge I know have about Smart Boards. These are the new technology and are appearing in more and more classrooms and other capacities as well every day. I am excited that going into a school I already have some background knowledge on this equipment.

I think this class is very important for education majors and if there was space should be required for the major especially elementary education.

Overall Experience

Overall, I feel that this class has been very helpful to me. Not only have I learned different skills on many different systems, I have created some projects that I can use in the future. When teaching, already made activities or even templates will be helpful. Even if I cannot use these projects in the future, I will have the knowledge of how to use each system in different ways to make each project interactive in order to increase the student's learning.

My favorite project, although it was frustrating, is the WikiSpace. This is definitely something that I will just in the future for whatever grade I end up teaching. It is a great way to promote student's learning technology along with an additional source for help. It can enforce already learned material, introduce new material, and make the learning process more fun. This is something that I will definitely keep updated and use in my classroom.

The knowledge this class has given me has opened my eyes up to different technologies and will only make my teaching easier and more varied when I am in the classroom. No longer will classes just be lectures and note taking, but with the addition of technology, anything is possible.

Overall Experience

Overall, I have enjoyed working in this class. It was definitely a change from the usual papers that I am required to write, and I am thankful for that. I often work better by presenting projects of different sorts, so this was the perfect class for me.

I have learned a lot about technology that I never thought about before, even working with Microsoft Word and Excel. I most enjoyed being able to create my own teacher website, which I will be able to use in the future. I also enjoyed working with Smartboard because that is a type of technology that I will probably be using in my classroom when it comes time for me to begin teaching. I only wish that we had been able to present our actual presentations on the Smartboard.

Although at times I was frustrated by technology that didn't do what I wanted it to do, for the most part this class was a very worthwhile experience for me. I have learned many new things that I will be able to use in the future. This class has also got me wanting to stay up to date with technology as best as I can. You never know what's going to be created next in the world of technology.

Overall Experience

Before taking this course I only knew the basics of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power Point. Reflecting on all that I have learned, I realize I have exponentially increased my knowledge about technology. I now know how to operate almost every tool on word, excel, and power point. I can now make an animated power point presenation, create a photo essay using my voice, create an interactive quiz using excel, blog and comment on other people's blogs, use wiki to display information as well as create a teacher website, and much more. I am surprised and pleased with all that I have learned. I can now say that I am technologically savy and will be able to utilize my skills aquired in this class. Because of the knowledge I attained in this class, I will be a better teacher who can accomodate lessons so that all of my students of different learning levels and styles can learn.

Relfection on the semester

Looking back on this semester as a whole, I can see how influential this course has been for me. I have learned so much about technology and the ways in which it can be used in the classroom. While I knew the importance of technology in education before taking this course, I now realize just how many doors it can truly open. There are so many ways that technology can benefit a classroom and the diverse and unique needs of each and every student. I will definitely take what I have learned in this course into the classroom with me, during my student teaching and, eventually, in my own classroom.

I came into the semester with a general knowledge base of technology and some ways to use it in the classroom. Now, I am leaving with the understanding that there are so many more opportunities than I ever thought possible. I have learned so much about programs I was familiar with, ones I had only heard of and ones that I did not even know existed, and I know there are so many more out there yet to discover.

Experience with new Technology

This semester I have learned so much about various forms of technology and I now feel that I am prepared to use technology in my future classroom. I had never used smart board before, and the opportunities smart board offers are endless. The interactive activities and assessment that you can create using smart board are very beneficial for students' learning and keeps students engaged. The photo story is a unique, easy to use technology that can be incorporated into a lesson plan in many ways. Students can create a photo story of their life or write a story and turn it in to a photo story. I had no idea that excel spreadsheet offers so many tools. I especially enjoyed creating interactive quizzes that provide immediate responses. I also enjoyed learning how to create a teacher website which offers opportunities for students to explore the curriculum and teacher communication with parents. I'm excited that I already have a website started that I can build upon when I become a teacher. In my future classroom I will be prepared to create interactive lessons for my students using the technology I have learned. This course has prepared me to be a teacher that is up to date with the current technology. I feel that this course is a necessary course for all future educators to take.