Thursday, September 23, 2010

Video Lectures

This article discussed the increasing availability of video lectures, as opposed to live lectures, on college campuses. At first, the concept seemed useful and appealing. One of the main points was that working students could schedule themselves for longer hours and watch the lectures at a time that was convenient for them. Also, if students needed more time to take notes or missed part of an explanation, they could simply rewind the video and watch it again, rather than being left in dust. Students also reported that they got better grades when they had access to video lectures, specifically because they could use them to study for tests. However, as I kept reading, I realized that there are many negatives to video lectures as well. Students reported enjoying video lectures because they didn't have to wake up early, could wear their pajamas 'in class' and could take more naps during the day. While that may sound appealing, it does students a disservice as they will be ill-prepared for the real world and become increasingly self-indulgent. Also, students miss out on the opportunity to ask teachers questions and interact with them, as well as their classmates. Overall, this issue is still a tossup for me. I think responsible students could definitely benefit from the availability of video lectures. However, I also think that it could actually take away from the learning experience for other students.