Thursday, April 22, 2010

Before this class I felt like I was able to navigate around the usual computer programs and I wouldn't have classified myself as technologically challenged. However, this class taught introduced me to programs I will be using as a teacher in the classroom and was able to take away a lot from it. I now feel comfortable going into the classroom as a student teacher and creating lesson plans and interactive ideas for the students. I'm so happy Smart Board was used in this class, because I feel like it's being utilized in a lot of schools now. The various tech of the weeks I learned were so helpful to have a unique style to my teaching curriculum.

I think the worksheets that you had us provide for our independent project at the end was a great idea. Now we all have an idea of how to work different programs. This class helped me feel at ease with my technology skills and now I feel comfortable going into the classroom using the resources I gained here.

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