Friday, September 11, 2009

Interactive Whiteboards Article

Within the article, I found it interesting that there are actually studies that show that interactive whiteboards provide a more effective teaching method. I always thought that different forms of technology used in the classroom were just the teachers' preferred methods of teaching. I guess I never realized that their use of technology was not only to aid their lesson plans but to also expose use to new forms of learning. In particular with the interactive whiteboards, the students' participation increases and they become more engaged in the lesson.

At my high school, only the industrial arts teacher had a smart board and he never used it to promote interaction between the teacher and the students. Therefore, I was never really exposed to what the smart board could really do or how it could help in the classroom. However, since more schools are using smart boards, I find it as a very advantageous to learn how to properly use them so I can create an environment where the students will be excited to learn. In the article, I read a line talking about how today's students are becoming more tech-savvy. In order for those tech-savvy students to relate better with me as the teacher and the lesson being taught, I find it rather important to introduce them to forms of learning that are new and exciting. This could create a bridge between the subject material and the students' interest.