Thursday, April 22, 2010

Final Post

Overall I feel that throughout the semester I felt more and more competent every time I would use a computer. Through all of the new technologies I learned about every week, I constantly gained confidence in using new tools on the Internet. I plan to continue to use most of these technologies in the future, but the ones I plan to use most are Google Earth, Dipity, and Teacher Tube. I like the features of Google Earth a lot, mostly because it has so many different uses, and can be applied to almost all of the different topics covered in a social studies class. I liked the tour alot, I feel that there are plenty of different uses which I could get out of that in a history classroom. Dipity is very useful for a history teacher, because not only can I ealisy create presentations for my students, but since it is such an easy technology to use, I could easily help my students navigate through it. Teacher Tube will also help me alot since history videos are very plentiful and easy to find. It is also good to use to give the students something else to see and listen to. Overall I am very glad to have taken this class and learned about all of the new technologies.

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