Thursday, November 20, 2008

Technology of Today

I think that the experience of using the smart board was very interesting and definitely something that I hope to use in the future. Although I do not think that other computer technology is going out of style or will be obsolete, but I think that with the growing number of smart boards in classrooms that the use of the program is very applicable and important to know.
I think that many of the things the smart board program can do are very helpful for interactive teaching and learning more than some of the other modes of technology that we have learned. Students can actively get up and write on the board, interact with the visuals on it, and learn by doing so.
There would be some changes that I would make, however. At time, I felt like the software was restirctive. Some of the things I wanted to do that were found in the other technologies were not available with the smart board. This was okay though. It forced me to re-evaluate what I was thinking of doing and create something new and diferent. Overall I think that every teacher should have the opportunity to experience working with a smart board. Because the technology is advancing continually, smart board is becoming the technology of today.


This has been my first experience working with SmartBoard. In the brief time we spent learning about this program, I can see that the possibilities it offers are endless. By using SmartBoard, teachers can create lessons that are so interactive - lessons that go so far beyond what was previous possible. In creating my own lesson and seeing the lessons that my classmates have created, I have also become aware of the range this program offers. Lessons can be created that provide an interactive and interesting experience for all students - from kindergarten to high school. Working with SmartBoard has, once again, opened my eyes even more to the advantages of technology in the classroom. I believe that educators and future educators should definitely embrace the possibilities technology has to offer in one way or another.

Smartboard Experience

I never realized the limitless opportunities that smartboard offers. Smartboard is a unique tool that adds a lot to a lesson. I enjoyed exploring the many interactive activities and incorporating sound, video, and interactive assessments into a lesson. Students gain a lot from being able to go up to the board and write in their own answer or complete an activity. It is great that students also recieve instant feedback because smartboard provides tools to check answers. I believe that teaching using a smartboard lesson engages students and helps them pay attention better. Overall, they will take away more from the lesson due to the interactive components.

I enjoyed finding numerous resources for my smartboard project on music. I set up my smartboard so students can first learn the content area of musical direction and categorizing instrument families, and then assessing what students learned through interactive activities. Smartboard offered a lot of resources for music such as the interactive music chart and interactive orchestra seating chart. It added a lot to my project that the images of instruments on smartboard incorporated sound. I have seen smartboard in use in the classrooms at Bloomington Junior High School and it is a very effective teaching resource. I am happy that I now am comfortable creating a project using a technology I previously had no knowledge of. I hope that in the future I am able to be lucky enough to have smartboard in my classroom.

Smartboards: The Next Wave Of Technology

I was very excited to be able to learn about Smart Boards in this class. Last semester I had seen and even helped use one in the class I was observing at Bloomington Junior High school but I had no idea all of the possibilities with it.

I loved seeing all of the games one can add to enhance a presentation. But most of all I love how easily it is to cater to every type of learner. For visual learners you can have photos and words. Aesthetic learners can come up to the board and write their ideas or circle things. And for those students who just cannot sit still there are tons of learning games they can participate in.

Although it was fun learning how to use this software, there were times it was very frustrating. It seems to run very slow on Macintosh computers. There were also things I wanted to do such as select multiple items or link just a few words that are very easy to do in other software programs but not in this.

Yes, Smart Board had its challenges but it was fun and engaging too. I realize that this will help me in my future classroom as this becomes the next wave of technology.

SmartBoard Experience!

Unlike all the other activities we have done, I was not familiar with SmartBoard at all. I had never encountered a program like it but am so glad I have learned how to use it. It is such a neat program that would be so beneficial in the classroom. It not only provides information in a visually appealing way like a powerpoint presentation, but it also allows the teacher to do intereactive activities with the students. It is a great way to get the students involved and keep them interested in the subject matter.
It was great to create my own SmartBoard notebook too. It provided me with experience that I know I will use in the classroom because this will probably by a prominent technological tool by the time I am a teacher. I am now familiar with all of the tools it offers and could successfully create a SmartBoard notebook for the classroom. Once again, I am in awe with the things I can do with a computer. Technology is advancing quickly, and for once I feel as if I'm moving along with it and am on top of the game.

Smartboard Reflection

I have really enjoyed playing with Smartboard. There are so many possibilities for classroom usage with this program. However, I wish we would have had a little more time to play around with the program first. I found that I was getting very frustrated because it is such an extensive program that I didn't always understand how to do what I wanted to do.

Smartboard allows for a lot more interactivity with your students and technology. In the future, this is going to be an essential program for every classroom. The program itself is a great way to connect to different students because it allows you to be visually appealing and also use written text as well. All of the games and activities that can be found are also more appealing to students because it involves hands on work.

Creating my own lesson was a fun, but frustrating experience. There were times that I knew what I wanted to do, but I did not understand how to do it using the program. All of the features of Smartboard interested me, but I wasn't always sure how to use them to my best ability for my subject. I am definitely interested in using this program more, however. With the proper training and overview, any teacher can create visually appealing lessons with Smartboard. This is definitely a program of the future, and I only see the creators of Smartboard being able to make more improvements. I think it is important that every teacher start learning about this program.