Thursday, April 22, 2010

Final Thoughts

While sitting here recalling the past 4 months of this class, I realized I have learned a lot of useful information. I have become more comfortable using programs such as Google Earth, Smart Board, and Photo Story. I can definitely see myself using these types of technologies in the next few years when I get my own classroom. I have seen an improvement in my willingness to try new things. I was skeptical to use some of the technology, but found out that after I gave them a chance and put some work into them, I really enjoyed them. I plan on continuing to expand my knowledge in the use of technology by possibly taking future classes about it. Additionally, I hope to just constantly be aware of up and coming technology in the classroom. I think this class is a great idea for future educators because it really opens up your eyes to millions of possibilities. Technology definitely makes learning more exciting, even if there are a few glitches involved. I hope that in the future I can use technology to help my students learn and become more educated about the world around them. I am excited keep up with many of the technologies we've utilized and will be more than willing to help others learn about them along the way. I have gained so much knowledge in this class and am really glad I decided to take it.

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