Thursday, April 8, 2010

Webquest, Google Earth, and Tech of the Week

As I have completed the last couple projects, I have really come to realize there are so many possibilities with English Language Arts that I had not considered before. The webquest was a really interesting activity as I had to basically do the project myself to make sure it would be something that my students could do. Adding that element to an assignment makes it all the more effective and engaging. I also think it makes the teacher-student connection stronger because everyone in the classroom has done the same work. My tech of the week was also really enjoyable, and I definitely see myself using Jing in my classroom. Screen capture software makes it possible to give students corrections on his or her paper in a more personal way, once again enhancing the teacher-student relationship. My Google Earth project proved to be the most challenging. While I see how Google Earth could be extremely useful in contextualizing novels or author's lives, the limited amount of projects created in relation to English Language Arts made my project that much more difficult. Overall, I am excited to culminate the semester with my final project and continue to learn the new and different ways in which technology can enhance my classroom.

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