Thursday, October 1, 2009

Smartboard Reflection

During this smartboard project I learned a lot about how to incorporate different technologies into the classroom. I found when creating my own smartboard lesson that I was able to construct games and activities that young students would have fun learning with. Working on this project I noticed how to make the different smartboard pages appealing to students at the elementary level. After seeing a few other classmates smartboard projects, I feel that this type of technology can be useful to teach almost every subject. The smartboard gets students actively involved in the learning process which can help them to enjoy the process; increasing their desire to learn.
I felt that the smartboard session outside of class was extremely helpful. That taught me and allowed me to explore more of the uses of the smartboard. I really enjoyed this session and believe that it will be useful in my future teaching career.

Smart Board; Fine Arts

This SMARTboard project has really increased my knowledge of technology. I feel extremely confident in my abilities now to make different SMARTboard presentations for my own classroom. Projects such as these provide more interaction among students and get them involved in the class. They are no longer just sitting and reading from a textbook. I never knew a projector such as this could perform some of the acts it does. Students can actually go up to it and write down their answer. They can also move objects around with their finger. This will be extremely helpful in the elementary classroom to keep children interested and entertained while still learning. The SMART board provided many options for me in the fine arts for elementary children. It was a very interesting project and I'm happy that I can now understand how to use the SMARTboard now.

SmartNotebook Reflection

I really enjoyed this project! I showed some other people my project, and they were very surprised by what you could do with the program. I feel like there were many parts of the program that I did not utilize, and would like to go back in the future and learn more about it. The whole experience opened my eyes to other ways of teaching in the classroom. Interactive learning really is a great tool. This program is great because you can target so many different students and learning techniques with only one program. Although SmartNotebook has many options already included, there are tons of other add-ons and programs available to add more content to. It was a little confusing learning how to use everything in the program, but it was very worthwhile and I am excited to use it in the future.

SMART board

I really enjoyed making the SMART board presentation and I'm excited to use what I have learned in my classroom someday. I think it's important for all teachers to have knowledge of how SMART board works - if they are able to have a board in their classroom - because it can help the students grasp the ideas presented in the level and a more hands-on level. They will most likely absorb so much more than they would if the lesson was presented in a regular fashion. SMART board is creative, innovative, and an excellent tool.

The board also allows to touch on all different learning styles. You are able to satisfy the needs of visual learners, hands-on learners, music, art, etc!

Smartboard Reflection

Before starting my project, I was very excited to start learning about Smart board because I feel they are becoming quite prevalent in today's schools. Since I have never truly worked with one (because I don't count writing my name on one working with one), I was not quite sure all of the neat features it possessed. I know now that Smart board is an extremely helpful tool that I believe will help me out greatly in the future. Having the opportunity to work with a Smart board before having to teach with one I believe gives me an advantage as a future teacher because I will be able to start my teaching experience with lessons using technology. Learning the abundance of features was a great eye opener for what Smart board is truly capable of.

Smart Board Reflection

I was very eager to learn all of the Smart Board tools and discover what possibilities the notebook program has for math. While I enjoyed working on this project, I am a little dissapointed with the opportunites Smart Board has for math. I certainly can make math more interactive with the Smart Board, but I felt as if the really "cool" activities were not geared towards high school mathematics. My project about parabolas wound up looking somewhat elementary due to the nature of the notebook gallery, which is filled with cute clipart and child geared activities.

Luckily, it seems that the creators of the notebook software are already aware of this because when we went to CLA, Professor Nillas showed us the updated software which has more mathematic options. I hope that the new features will help me be able to use the Smart Boards to their optimal capacity.

Discovering SmartBoard

Learning how to use the SmartBoard was very interesting. I loved learning about all of the different techniques that can be used in order to make a successful lesson. Yet finding ways to use all of those techniques in English was slightly harder than I expected. In English we have much more discussion-based classes and don't have to talk about many definitions, but I'm glad that I found more ways to be creative and utilize the SmartBoard to my greatest advantage while teaching students about poetry and where they can find it. Through many trials I created slides which I believe would be very effective in a classroom. And thanks to my classmate, I even figured out how to convert video files to incorporate those directly into my project. All in all it was a time consuming process, but that is what learning is all about. I know that when I am a teacher and using SmartBoard that these concepts will begin to come more quickly and take less time. I am very thankful that more and more classrooms are using SmartBoards, and hopefully I will be able to get even more experience with them in the future.

Reflection of Smartboard Proejct

There are so many different activities that can be created using the smart board, and I definitely understand that we've only scratched the surface of what a smart notebook can do. Even just watching the projects being shown today, I realized that there is probably an infinite number of combinations of ways to use the tools in the smart notebook to teach lessons.

I hope that I am privileged to work at a school that has smart board technology because I feel that only lots of practice can help a teacher make lessons for students to reach the optimum benefits of it. I have learned that any subject can be taught using this, and I hope to be creative enough to find ways in order to do so. It is definitely possible using the smart board.

I also think that this is very important because it is such an engaging technology. Even I, as a college student, am in awe of the applications contained in the smart notebook. I can't even imagine how active students will become in learning if they have access to a tool such as this one.

SmartBoard Project

What I enjoyed the most about this project was becoming familiar with SmartBoard, because I know that it will be useful when I become a teacher. The program was difficult to use at times (especially since you can't use math symbols such as pi in interactive activities). It was also challenging to come up with activities and videos that fit with my subject (high school math), but I enjoyed the challenge. This project forced me to think outside of the box. It made me think about math in a different way and gave me many ideas which I will use in my classroom. Instead of just using a whiteboard, I know I can use, for example, videos of others teaching the subject or interactive activities to solve practice problems.
I am very happy with how my project turned out. After looking at others' projects, I now have even more ideas on how to use SmartBoard in my future classroom. SmartBoard is a great way to incorporate technology in the classroom and engage students in the lesson instead of simply talking to them. I think this will be a great way to keep students, especially teenagers, more focused.

SmartBoard Project

I really enjoyed this project. Becoming familiar with a new program was very interesting, though frustrating at times. The tools were very different than any other program I already know, so sometimes it was difficult to do what I needed to do. I feel that the outcome of the project turned out well, and I am happy with my final draft. One thing I found most frustrating was that there were not many tools that were already built into the program that I could use. I had to create a lot of different activities instead of using the ones already in Smart Notebook. Once I completed a challenging task, I felt very accomplished.

I feel that Smart Notebook is a great way to introduce a new topic in class and allow the students to have a hands on way to learn new material. Visualizing new concepts will hopefully help the students actually understand the information and retain it better as well. Another advantage to the Smart Notebook is the wide variety of ways a lesson can be taught. No two projects within our class are even close to the same. We all used different tools and activities to express new information. Creativity is key when working with the Smart Notebook. I hope that Smart Boards are available wherever I end up teaching because I think it can really enhance a student's learning experience.