Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 Over this semester I learned about differentiating lessons and how to incorporate different technologies for learning and assessment purposes. Through this class I have learned how to use smart board technology, Google earth, and photo story. I have also learned how to create a Web quest using Wiki, and about flipping the classroom. In the future, I would like to learn more about flipping the classroom. I find the concept really interesting and I would definitely like in incorporate it in a lesson in the future.

I never actually realized how many tools are available for educational purposes. I would not have even thought about using Google earth as a learning tool. I found this class really interesting and I learned a lot over the semester.

Final Reflections

From this course, I have learned that technology is accessible to all teachers of varying technology skill levels. I have also discovered that technology can be a vital tool for meeting the needs and learning styles of all learners.   Technology lets students truly interact with the content being taught, such as by exploring on their own through a Webquest, or navigating through GoogleEarth.  Technology  makes the subject come alive for the students, rather than a teacher just lecturing the material. Within my future lessons, I want to continue to implement the use of videos, images, and audio in my lessons. I would also like to learn more about the use of webcam in regards to the content areas.

What I learned in Edu 271

I think I will use the information I learned in this class often while student teaching and while teaching in the future. I love the Smartboard application, and even if I cannot use smart board during my student teaching at BHS, learning how to use Smartboard has improved my ability to use Promethean Board which is a very similar technology. In a way, I have learned how to use multiple technologies in one project. I really enjoyed the Planet Earth project. I do not believe I will be using it in the future, but I know how to do so if it coincides with a lesson extremely well. The photostory was very fun to create. I will probably use the exact story I created in my classrooms in the future. The webquest was very interesting as well. I have never tried anything like that before. I was concerned about the project because it was so foreign to me and I felt out of my comfort zone. After the project was completed though, I felt extremely happy with my work and learned a lot from the process. I learned many new technologies during technology of the week presentations and will probably use many of those in the future as well.