Friday, November 2, 2007

Lots of Images

I thought that the article about the museum tours and virtual tours was very interesting. I am not sure how exactly I would be able to tie something like that into working with a patient but if the child I was working with had a big obsession for art work or loved going to a museum and was not going to be able to for while because of their situation. This would be something I could pull up on a computer or possibly something like a Smartboard if I would have access to one and let the child pretend like they are actually going through the museum themselves. I think this could be really neat especially if it could get enlarged onto a really big screen.

After getting a quick introduction to Flickr, I think this could also be a problem that I use with children in some way. I was thinking about a project idea and thought that I would be able to take pictures of different parts of the hospital and operation room and other areas where the child will be and title them and add in notes and a description so if the child can not go on a physical tour of the hospital they would still get to see where they are going to be so they can ask questions and try to feel as comfortable as possible. I think this can be a program that would help me and I am looking forward to finding out more about it and how I will be able to use it.