Friday, September 12, 2008

Presentation Software

Once again, I was familiar with powerpoint but this chapter showed me a variety of activities I could do with powerpoint, and I am amazed. I love the idea of portfolios because it gets the parents involved. If you burn a copy for each family then the parents can view their childs' progress throughout the year. I also love the idea of creating a game such as "Jeopardy" out of a powerpoint because not only are games fun for the students, but it is a good way to review for a test, or even just use as a way to test them on information they have learned. I thought the homophone idea was extremely beneficial because students seem to struggle with that a lot and this would provide them not only with an auditory aid, but also a visual aid with pictures representing the different words.
Each chapter I read provides me with more and more ideas about the use of technology in a classroom. I feel as if there is no subject where technology could not be used. I cannot wait to view all the activities that powerpoint can provide.