Thursday, April 22, 2010

Final Thoughts on Technology

After taking this course, I have realized just how much technology is available to implement in the classroom. The number of resources available to enhance lessons is overwhelming. There are so many tools that can really get students activiely involved in their learning. I feel that I have a good grasp on how to work these different programs. I usually have trouble getting used to working different programs, but I feel confident in working all the ones we have worked with this semester. After all the different projects we completed and presentations we saw I have realized that using these technologies is not very difficult. I think that in the future I will find them to be very useful.

This course is a great idea for education majors becuase I feel like a lot of people dont realize how useful technology can be. After taking this course I feel that I can be more resourceful as a teacher in bringing new, creative activities into my lesson plans. I will be able to find videos much easier, create fun presentations, and even get my students involved in interactive games. I have really learned a lot this past semester and I can't wait to get to put all these new technologies to use.

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