Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tech of the week & a little side note on Smart board

I thought the technology we learned about this week was especially interesting because they were a perfect example of something a little extra you can incorporate in to your lesson. One thing many teachers have a tough time doing is keeping there children's attention. With podcasts I feel like it's the perfect amount of an attention grabber for students, while still being extremely educational. I loved the Great Books Audio with tons of classical books right there for students to listen to. Thought knowing about Flickr before it was presented this past week I still felt like I learned a lot of great ways I will be able to use this application in the classroom. I loved the prompt idea using a picture. I think it's a great way to get kids imagination going!

My smartboard project is coming along pretty well. I'm finding it's tough to find activity's suited for art for the elementary goals. Since art is such a hands on thing, I think it should be interesting how it turns out! I'm glad I've gotten the opportunity to work with smartboard and experience it's features so I won't feel lost when I enter the classroom. :)