Thursday, April 22, 2010

I found that most of the technologies that we learned about would be very helpful when it comes to teaching. Not just the technologies created for teachers like teacher tube, or geoGebra. But other technologies that we use every day like skype. I plan on staying on these accounts and start pieceing together possible lesson plans and other works.

Overall Reflections

Overall I think this class has helped me out a lot. I am not the best with learning new technologies so it was nice to take this course and gain a better understanding of how to use some of the more popular projects. I especially enjoyed doing the photostory and webquest projects and will definitely use those when I am a teacher. I will also definitely take more of a look at all the projects we learned about today and am excited about visiting the web page later and using some of those tools too!

Final Post

Overall I feel that throughout the semester I felt more and more competent every time I would use a computer. Through all of the new technologies I learned about every week, I constantly gained confidence in using new tools on the Internet. I plan to continue to use most of these technologies in the future, but the ones I plan to use most are Google Earth, Dipity, and Teacher Tube. I like the features of Google Earth a lot, mostly because it has so many different uses, and can be applied to almost all of the different topics covered in a social studies class. I liked the tour alot, I feel that there are plenty of different uses which I could get out of that in a history classroom. Dipity is very useful for a history teacher, because not only can I ealisy create presentations for my students, but since it is such an easy technology to use, I could easily help my students navigate through it. Teacher Tube will also help me alot since history videos are very plentiful and easy to find. It is also good to use to give the students something else to see and listen to. Overall I am very glad to have taken this class and learned about all of the new technologies.

Course Evaluation

I have definitely become more aware of different kinds of technology due to being in this class. I have also learned how effective technology can be in the classroom when used correctly, and how interactive assignments can be very engaging for students. I think I have gained some competency in regards to technology that I didn't have before this class, and have discovered some great ideas for future projects for my students along the way. I want to continue learning about new technologies and how they can be used in a language arts classroom so I don't continuously fall back on traditional teaching practices once I am with my own students. By keeping up with new technology I can keep my students fascinated by literature and interested in coming to class.


This class was extremely helpful since it allowed me to learn many technologies that I will be able to use when I begin teaching. I was unaware that many of the technologies existed before I began the coarse. I feel much more confident in my abilities to include technology in my classroom everyday because of what I learned. I will continue to use these technologies in the future since I believe they are an excellent tool for the classroom. I am interesting in exploring more technologies past the ones we learned about in class. As I begin my classroom experiences next year, I will create lessons that include these technologies. I am also going to spend time this summer practicing using the technologies we covered in class. I have already taught my friends some of the technologies, which in turn has helped me become confident in my abilities.

Final Thoughts on Technology

After taking this course, I have realized just how much technology is available to implement in the classroom. The number of resources available to enhance lessons is overwhelming. There are so many tools that can really get students activiely involved in their learning. I feel that I have a good grasp on how to work these different programs. I usually have trouble getting used to working different programs, but I feel confident in working all the ones we have worked with this semester. After all the different projects we completed and presentations we saw I have realized that using these technologies is not very difficult. I think that in the future I will find them to be very useful.

This course is a great idea for education majors becuase I feel like a lot of people dont realize how useful technology can be. After taking this course I feel that I can be more resourceful as a teacher in bringing new, creative activities into my lesson plans. I will be able to find videos much easier, create fun presentations, and even get my students involved in interactive games. I have really learned a lot this past semester and I can't wait to get to put all these new technologies to use.

Course Experience

Overall, I believe this course helped me find valuable technologies that can be used in my classroom in the future. There were some technologies that I had heard of, but never actually experiences, and some technologies that were completely new to me. I'm glad I was introduced to these teaching and learning tools, and had a chance to experiment so I can start off with at least the basics in the future. My plan for the future includes exploring some of the educational sites that we learned about where I can branch off to the new and upcoming technologies that will be useful in my concentration area. Also, I can always come back to this website and review the technologies we learned about in order to incorporate technologies I may have forgotten about into my plans. I think the lesson plans that we invented for the projects will be a good starting point for my own lesson plans and projects that will be useful for the students to undertake.


Overall through this course I believe that my computer competency has gone up dramatically. I am very pleased with the number of new technologies that I am now capable of using in the classroom setting. Technologies such as photo story and GeoGebra really caught my attention and I would like to explore these further.

Through this class I feel that I accomplished my goals about learning new technologies. With Google Earth, Panoromio and Flicker I hope to add my own photos to share to my class one day in the future.

By combining some of these technologies (such as the example mentioned above) I have learned that one can do some pretty amazing things in the classroom.

Overall Reflections

After taking this course, I definitely have a much better understanding of the various technologies that we have access to as teachers. The independent projects were incredibly useful because we were each able to study one technology in depth and share our knowledge with the class. Overall, we learned about many new and existing technologies that can bring a great deal of variety into the classroom and keep students engaged. I plan to continue learning about new technologies by learning how to use any new technologies that I hear or read about, and by keeping myself updated on the technologies we have discussed in class. It is crucial for teachers to remain up-to-date on past, current, and future forms of technology so that they can provide their students with the most interactive, engaging educational experience possible. Overall, this class has been a great help to me, and I plan to keep myself updated on developing technologies.
Before this class I felt like I was able to navigate around the usual computer programs and I wouldn't have classified myself as technologically challenged. However, this class taught introduced me to programs I will be using as a teacher in the classroom and was able to take away a lot from it. I now feel comfortable going into the classroom as a student teacher and creating lesson plans and interactive ideas for the students. I'm so happy Smart Board was used in this class, because I feel like it's being utilized in a lot of schools now. The various tech of the weeks I learned were so helpful to have a unique style to my teaching curriculum.

I think the worksheets that you had us provide for our independent project at the end was a great idea. Now we all have an idea of how to work different programs. This class helped me feel at ease with my technology skills and now I feel comfortable going into the classroom using the resources I gained here.

Course Assessment

I feel that this course has made me feel much more comfortable with technology. Before I took this course, I felt quite timid about integrating technology into my teaching and working with technology in general. I was unsure about my abilities and felt incompetent even at times. As a result of this course, however, I came to appreciate technology and all it has to offer. I am now familiar and comfortable with the Smartboard, photostory, Google Earth, and all of the "Tech of the Week" topics. In addition, I realized that teaching with technology is very much possible and gets students excited about learning.

I plan on integrating technology into my teaching quite often next year. I just took a job at a school district that has great technology. There are Smartboards in every room, computer labs, and iClickers. These technologies are all things I am familiar with now and will be able to use often when I teach.

The one thing I learned about myself and technology through this course is that before learning a technology have to tell myself that it is okay not to know everything about it right away. I have learned that in order to learn technology you must play around with it first before you will master it. I look forward to using it into my classroom next year!

End of the semester

This class has been great in introducing me to a bunch of educational technologies that I did not even know existed. I am now really excited to use some of these technologies in my future classroom. As I continue through my curriculum courses I hope to be able to use some of what I have learned in this class. I have discovered a lot of way to introduce subject matter that I really think elementary students would find fun!
I do feel more confident in my computer and technology skills, although I still think that there is always a lot more that I could learn. More than once I had a project not upload or transfer correctly, all learning experiences.

Final Thoughts

While sitting here recalling the past 4 months of this class, I realized I have learned a lot of useful information. I have become more comfortable using programs such as Google Earth, Smart Board, and Photo Story. I can definitely see myself using these types of technologies in the next few years when I get my own classroom. I have seen an improvement in my willingness to try new things. I was skeptical to use some of the technology, but found out that after I gave them a chance and put some work into them, I really enjoyed them. I plan on continuing to expand my knowledge in the use of technology by possibly taking future classes about it. Additionally, I hope to just constantly be aware of up and coming technology in the classroom. I think this class is a great idea for future educators because it really opens up your eyes to millions of possibilities. Technology definitely makes learning more exciting, even if there are a few glitches involved. I hope that in the future I can use technology to help my students learn and become more educated about the world around them. I am excited keep up with many of the technologies we've utilized and will be more than willing to help others learn about them along the way. I have gained so much knowledge in this class and am really glad I decided to take it.

End of Semester Reflection

Although this class was a challenge for me, I learned a lot of new information. I think my overall computer knowledge and skills have increased a lot, simply because I had the opportunity to be constantly learning new applications and tools. I am much more advanced at using the specific technologies we have worked on throughout the semester and I feel like I am much better equipped to learn new technologies in the future.
My plan for the future is to continue learning about new technologies. I will definitely incorporate some of the technologies we have learned about in my teaching. For example, if I ever was going to assign a powerpoint presentation to my students, I think I would switch it up and have them do a prezi. I think that not only knowing the technologies myself, but sharing that knowledge with my students and colleagues, is an extremely important part of teaching and constantly evolving.
Overall, I am really happy I took this course. It was frustrating at times and I generally hate relying on technology to do everything. However, it was extremely beneficial. I loved how each project was geared toward each person's content area---I now have projects that I can practically use in my classroom.
Thanks for helping me learn more about technology and become a better teacher because of it!