Friday, August 31, 2007


I am amazed at how much I have learned already through this class in just two times of meeting. I havent really had to look up articles on my own before and learning how to use that and then get them into a folder to use really helped me out. Had I known some of these things before, some of my classes would have been much easier. I would have never guessed there were this many articles on the subject area that I want to go into, especially because most people have never heard of the profession I am working towards. I have found more information and help than I ever knew existed through the past week in the class. I am looking forward to learning even more and getting the chance to apply it in an area that I want to and not just doing it because I have to for a class and it is required. I am really interested in looking at more research and info in my area since many teachers havent even had any ideas of what to do and anything for me to look at. I am excited for the rest of this class and think it will really benefit me in years to come.