Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Math: Chapter 16

After reading this chapter, it has become more obvious that using the internet in the classroom goes beyond just research, as I used it in high school. Now, different interactive lessons or activities are available online, and students can engage in these to visualize different concepts or get hands-on experience with these new concepts. A teacher needs to remember when assigning an internet-based project to help guide the students so they don't get lost. The goals are to remain in focus so groups do not get off task. I have had professors who like to use the internet to show different videos or articles relating to topics we discuss in class, but one would always get distracted by pop-ups or different links. The students would sit in class watching the projector as she was clicking on random things that interested her, whether they related to that day's topic or not.

Using the internet is a very important tool that students need to learn. The internet is becoming increasingly important in everyday life, and it is vital for students of this generation to learn advantages and disadvantages of using the internet.