Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photo Story Sharing and Tech of the week!

I found all the photo stories that were shared in class today to be extremely interesting. I loved Karin's hawaiin lesson and thought that it did a great job appealing to the younger students. Bobby and Andrew's photo story were both great because they did a great job triggering the lesson towards the older students, yet not making it too boring. I think it's so important that the tone of voice fits the type of students you are aiming to teach. I found that the photo story was a fun way to teach students and interact with them in a unique way.

I thought the tech of the week was really cool and I actually can't wait to use it myself! Dipiti was really neat, because it provides me with all the information I may need throughout time. I can see utilizing this program in the classroom all the time no matter the age level.

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