Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photo Story Thoughts

This past week as a class, we worked on our Photo Stories. My subject area was about physical science. So, I chose to focus on the body--mainly the teeth. I wanted to focus on February being dental hygiene month and the keeping and caring of teeth. I am very partial to teeth because four members of my family are dentists and one is a hygienist. I had fun talking about something that is so interesting. I used only a few websites to help me because the audience for my project would be very early elementary. I basically wanted to focus on how not to get cavities and the proper way care for young teeth. The program Photo Story 3 made it pretty simple to edit and record my information right into the program. I preferred using the microphone on my laptop to the one on my headphones, it simply sounded better. My one issue with this project was inserting music. I tried countless ways to turn my music into different formats to get it to work. I had really adorable music I wanted to use too (Yo Gabba Gabba and The Wiggles anyone?). Either way, I put music into the story. I ended up creating my own custom music for the story using the music maker feature in the program. Overall this was a really fun project that I would definitely like to use in the future!

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