Thursday, February 25, 2010

PhotoStory Projects

I was really pleased with how my photostory turned out. I enjoyed putting it together and creating my own lesson, and then on top of that it actually worked! Plus, seeing people's end results for the Photostory project was incredibly interesting! There were a lot a creative ideas and good information being presented. A lot of the elementart lessons were really cute and educational at the same time, and I think they would really hold the attention of younger kids. And the lesson on calculus actually helped me understand the subject a little better! This technology can be used in so many different ways and is a great instructional tool for students. The music adds a really nice touch, and it gives students a visual on what youre talking about. I really enjoyed this project a lot and I think that I will definitely implement it in my classroom.

The only frustration I had with this project was getting the music to work with the program. Some types of files weren't compatable with Photostory, and it got frustrating when I couldn't use the ideas I wanted. But in the end, everything worked out alright.

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