Thursday, February 25, 2010

Photostory projects

After viewing all of the photostory and Imovie projects I feel that this was a very useful project. Seeing all of the different project materials and how each individual put their own unique parts into the project makes me realize how much of a great tool photostory can be. Not only would it be useful to show brief introductions of different subjects in a math class but it would also be a great tool to use as a project. I feel that photostory and imove can both be used as a way for students to do their own projects and explain what they have learned so far. The photostory project would be a great summery tool for mathematics and all of the other natural sciences. The advantages for this project would be threefold. One, the students would be able to summarize the lesson and I would be able to evaluate how much they actually learned. Two, the project is very fun and exciting, how cool is it to make your own movie! Three, it would allow the students to work with technology and gain experience with problem solving techniques. Overall I was very pleased with the photostory/imovie project and can see its uses in a future classroom.

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