Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sharing photostories!

Today's class was really interesting. I enjoyed watching the different photostories that people created. I think everyone did a really great job with the narrations! While watching them, I couldn't help by picture myself as a high schooler in the classroom, having to watch a photostory as part of a lesson. I think it is a great break from the traditional lecture/notes, but it still offers a ton of content. Also, the time length of about 3 minutes is perfect! It is short enough to keep students engaged, yet long enough to be able to contain substantial information. One of my favorite presentations was the causes of WWI by Andrew. History is one of my least favorite subjects and I have a huge problem with learning it, but the 3 minute video we watched today was extremely helpful. The pictures, music and narration kept me interested and the breakdown of causes was really easy to understand!

I really like the technology of the week. I think timelines can be incorporated into many different activities and can really help students visualize when things were happening. Also, like I said in class, it can be used (at least in foreign language) to offer a reenforcement of tenses, concepts or vocabulary.

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