Thursday, February 25, 2010

photo story

The photo story project was a lot of fun, and seeing some of the examples in class, I really understand how effective these kinds of presentations can be for students. The audio and visual component together make the subject seem to come alive, and by introducing a unit that students may find somewhat boring using this kind of technology may get the students more engaged.

I found the photo story project somewhat challenges in the way I had to cut down the information I wanted to share with students into the time frame. It makes sense that after a few minutes students are less likely and less able to pay attention, and I found I had to cut out some of the examples I would have liked to share. Also, pacing the voiceover so as not to speak too quickly was also challenging as there was so much information that I wanted to get to.

While my project focused on the steps of the research process, fulfilling the fifth goal of the state objectives, I can really see how photo stories could be used to introduce a novel. Background information, fun quotes to look forward to: there are numerous possibilities that could be effective in getting students excited about a new literary unit!

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