Monday, February 22, 2010

chapter 10 reading

In chapter 10 of my reading, the authors spoke a lot about how using programs such as powerpoint not only ensures that students understand the material they are taking off the Internet, but it also allows students who are not as comfortable with public speaking a way to participate in class presentations. The reading said that with a powerpoint to back up the speaker, the audience's attention is placed on the visual aid, not necessarily on the speaker himself. I agree that this will help students who tend to be on the more shy side, but I do have my reservations about powerpoint. The author did speak about how too much writing on a single slide can be harmful to the effectiveness of the presentation, and I fully agree that this is a common issue when a student powerpoint presentation is assigned. But overall, if done right, I do agree that a powerpoint presentation or similar assignment can be beneficial to ensure student understanding.

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