Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Wonderful world wide web

I once had a friend try to explain to me podcasts, and it didn't work very well. He downloaded a podcast to my itunes and ipod and I never listened to it because I never updated it and I rarely update my ipod. I had kind of given up on podcasts until this point, and to my surprise they can be utlilized in the classroom. I hope to understand them a little better after a proper tutorial, I feel like my knowledge of the Internet decreases daily, as I learn what's out there. I feel like it'll be hard to find quality podcasts because they seem to be created by your average Joe. I know there is probably quality stuff out there too, it's just a matter of finding it. I can't actually imagine myself using the rss feed either. Maybe once I have a classroom and a class website rather than going to the website and seeing nothing, I can just check it through the feeder. But for me that seems almost pointless, only because there aren't too many websites that I go to, so to check one to see if there are updates and then go to the other seems like an extra step. And if there isn't anything new on the website I check it doesn't save time to check one website over the other to see that nothing is new. Maybe in a few years there will be more sites that I'd be interested in checking out regularly so it will be of use than.
I feel like the copyright information is very valuable and its important for students to know, and know how to avoid plagiarism. However, it seems very easy for students teachers and schools alike to take information without realizing it's against the law. I really didn't know the copyright information on all those formats, so it was useful for me.


emc2teach said...

Luci, I agree with you about podcasts. I have never really understood them either. I can see how they might appeal to some people but I am still unsure about them since I don't understand them yet.

LP619 said...


I, too, understand your frustrations with podcasting. I am hoping that after our projects, we will be able to enjoy and utilize them more throughout our every day lives as well as in the classroom.