Thursday, October 11, 2007


I am glad we learned about RSS today in class. I am also glad we set up our Google readers. I definately see the benefits of this internet feature. In the future, I predict that the RSS feed will be helpful when I become a teacher in order to receive the latest updates in teaching techniques and standards while saving time. Conducting daily searches can become very time consuming, especially for teachers whose days are very structured. It is important that teachers can access necessary information through the internet quickly and efficiently in order to conduct their classes smoothly.

The copyright laws are especially important for teachers yet can be a bit overwhelming. I think it is vital for teachers to always have a hard copy of the rules and regulations on hand in the classroom so that they are able to protect their work as well as their students. Plagerism and illegal copying is easy to do without even realizing you are breaking the law and can get really messy. I feel it is the teacher's responsibility to protect him or her self as well as the student's because otherwise the entire school can be punished.

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