Thursday, October 11, 2007

copyright and podcasts

To me, the purpose of copyright laws and regulations is simply to give credit where credit is due. If people always just do that, I don't really see the need to have specific rules about stuff. If you use something that isn't yours, just say whose it is. It's that simple.

We went over podcasts very fast, and I don't feel that I really understand what podcasts are and what the point of them is. For our project, how many podcasts are we supposed to find? Do we have to review them? So many questions . . .

As a side note: I feel very rushed in this class; there always seems to be so much stuff to do and barely any time to do it all.


LP619 said...

I agree with ALL of your statements!
I think copyrights are there to give credit to people where needed, and that should not be a problem.
I also agree that we flew through the discussion today, and sometimes I have a hard time keeping up. I have never searched or listened to a podcast before, and I am so confused as to what our project entails.

Leah Nillas said...

You will have time next week. Today was just an overview. Specific details are listed in your project guidelines.

Lisa Lig said...

I agree, the copyright rules were very confusing. It would be much easier if we just cited where we got the information.