Thursday, October 11, 2007

Copyright and Ciber Ethics

I think that, obviously, copyrights are necessary and important to protect products and new technologies. Also, cyber bullying is a very dangerous thing that can affect numerous people and lead to serious ethical and moral problems. However, it is also important to note that people cannot be forced to protect themselves. I think that instead of demanding students or families to register or protect their computer using web-available commodities such as Net Nanny, people should be educated on the dangers of surfing the net. One of the main arguments in the article "The Concerned Educator's Guide to Saftey and Cyber Ethics" is that teachers stumble upon websites such as that are pornographic and clearly not intended for classroom use. However, teachers should test websites for not only appropriateness, but also validity and content before they show them in the classroom. I think that by forcing students, families, and teachers to be policed by these cyber organizations that fight "crime" and "indecency," we are creating a boundary of distrust that shows lack of faith in students, parents, and teachers.

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