Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Information

I thought going into reading the handout on copy right I was aware of what was allowed and what things were not allowed. I was amazed though to find that there was a lot more things that were illegal than I knew. When I was going through school and doing a project, I would take pictures and things off the Internet all the time without even thinking about it. I started to learn once I got into the upper classes about siting sources and the importance of making sure you were documenting what information you used and that it was in your own words.

The things that I learned through the handout I believe I will use as a child life specialist because of wanting to use different handouts that I have found that will help a child and their family or maybe using a movie clip of some kind and showing the child a particular point that I wanted to be made. I now realized how careful I have to be when I am looking to share things with people. I want to make sure that I dont cross any lines and I think learning these standards will help that and will make more clear what can and cant be done.

I am looking forward to these next couple of projects because I believe they can be very helpful and that I will be able to find things that are specifically related to my topic of interest and things that I may actually use when I get to my profession. Finding videos will be something that I can use and learn from and then share with others. I think this social networking idea will be of great help when it does get linked to other people who are looking for the same information because there are not a lot of people who I know who are in the same field as me and it will be nice to have others to communicate with who are familiar with my profession.

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