Thursday, October 11, 2007

Copywrite Information

I found this all to be very confusing. The table that we printed was almost contradictory in spots and also subjective. For example, under computer software it says that Librarians can make copies if the software is sold at an unfair price. How do we know what an unfair price is? Who gets to decide whether $20 is fair or not? Also, it says that poems that are less than 250 words can be copied but for those longer than 250 words you can only copy an exerpt. Why are shorter poems not given the same consideration as longer ones? Also, under the interenet it says that links to legitimate sites must be posted. How do we know what sites are legitimate?

It just seemed to me that there were a lot of holes and questions regarding this handout. Maybe I am just reading it wrong, but it looks as if a large portion of it is subjective.

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BasSoc320 said...

I completely agree! Just because someone thinks that $20 is a fair price for some software does not mean that everyone does. Who is to say that one person is right over another?

Also, I don't understand why short prints can be copied and distributed in full but only 10% or larger prints can be copied and distributed. Shouldn't it be the same no matter how long a print is?