Thursday, October 11, 2007

copyright and RSS

I definitly like the google reader. It is very helpful and saves a lot of time. Plus this way, I can see what is new on all the sites instead of having to go to each site, especially since I forget sometimes to check certain sites. I think the google reader can be very helpful as a teacher because it lets you get a bunch of news without having to waste time since teachers don't have a lot of it to spare. As far as goes, I also think this could be very helpful, especially with the amount of sites we have looked at so far in class. There are so many useful websites out there but it gets so overwhelming trying to remember which ones to look at and which ones are useful. It seems like will be a useful tool to help ease the task of looking at all the websites.

I learned a lot about copyright issues. I didn't really know much about it besides the basics such as don't plagerize. I found it extremely interesting that most of the time you can copy things as long as they are used for an educated purpose and are distributed fairly and in reason. I was caught off guard when I was reading about the ability to copy videos if the they aren't being offered at a fair price. This seems a little sketchy to me. Who is to say what a fair price is? Just because one person thinks it is fair, does not mean someone else does. That one is the one that seems the most flexible to me.

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