Thursday, December 4, 2008

Overall Experience

Overall, I feel that this class has been very helpful to me. Not only have I learned different skills on many different systems, I have created some projects that I can use in the future. When teaching, already made activities or even templates will be helpful. Even if I cannot use these projects in the future, I will have the knowledge of how to use each system in different ways to make each project interactive in order to increase the student's learning.

My favorite project, although it was frustrating, is the WikiSpace. This is definitely something that I will just in the future for whatever grade I end up teaching. It is a great way to promote student's learning technology along with an additional source for help. It can enforce already learned material, introduce new material, and make the learning process more fun. This is something that I will definitely keep updated and use in my classroom.

The knowledge this class has given me has opened my eyes up to different technologies and will only make my teaching easier and more varied when I am in the classroom. No longer will classes just be lectures and note taking, but with the addition of technology, anything is possible.

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