Thursday, December 4, 2008

Experience with new Technology

This semester I have learned so much about various forms of technology and I now feel that I am prepared to use technology in my future classroom. I had never used smart board before, and the opportunities smart board offers are endless. The interactive activities and assessment that you can create using smart board are very beneficial for students' learning and keeps students engaged. The photo story is a unique, easy to use technology that can be incorporated into a lesson plan in many ways. Students can create a photo story of their life or write a story and turn it in to a photo story. I had no idea that excel spreadsheet offers so many tools. I especially enjoyed creating interactive quizzes that provide immediate responses. I also enjoyed learning how to create a teacher website which offers opportunities for students to explore the curriculum and teacher communication with parents. I'm excited that I already have a website started that I can build upon when I become a teacher. In my future classroom I will be prepared to create interactive lessons for my students using the technology I have learned. This course has prepared me to be a teacher that is up to date with the current technology. I feel that this course is a necessary course for all future educators to take.

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