Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Overall Experience

This class has certainly been an adventure! Although at times the technology was frustrating I know I have learned a lot. There were tools in word I never even knew existed, new ideas to use excel for, wiki spaces, smart boards, and web quests.

All of these skills will help me enhance my future classroom, especially the knowledge I know have about Smart Boards. These are the new technology and are appearing in more and more classrooms and other capacities as well every day. I am excited that going into a school I already have some background knowledge on this equipment.

I think this class is very important for education majors and if there was space should be required for the major especially elementary education.

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Carlie said...

I am not that good with computers in general. I suppose I get impatient when I cannot figure out how things work intitially. However, I am constantly using my laptop for school work and I have had previous experience teaching lessons on a smartboard. I am taking this course to help me learn more about computers and their different functions as well as exploring other resources that I am unaware of that can contribute to my future teaching career. For me "teaching and learning with technology" is a way to keep myself and students up to date with any technological advancements. I also think that technology can be a great visual and hands on way of teaching and learning in the classroom.