Monday, February 8, 2010

Thoughts on Google Earth, Podcast, and Flicker

Thus far I have found all of the technologies of the week to be very cool and interesting.  I see great potential for each one in a math classroom.  Google Earth seems especially interesting for uses in mathematics.  All of the websites which are posted on our wikispace show great examples which explain how Google Earth can be used as a tool in the math classroom.  I really like the example about calculating population changes and the one about calculating angles of buildings and roads.  Podcast also seems to be a good fit for the math classroom.  With podcasts from NASA and other science agencies there are bound to be daily podcasts, which deal with math and could be used to show students the practical daily uses of math.  Flicker, the final tech of the week, seems to offer an infinite amount of possible uses in the math classroom.  Several pictures have to deal with geometry and thus would make a great fit in the geometry class.

            All in all I can’t wait to see what technology is presented next in tech of the week.  The three technologies which have been presented so far have been very interesting which only makes me impatient for the next technology we learn about.  

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mhandke said...

I definitely agree that google earth will be good for use in Math, not only with the population information, but you can also study geometry with google earth by looking at different buildings, or trying to assess the curve of the earth or other things along these lines. The podcasts will also be useful since it will give your students a good chance to hear about things going on in the world of mathematics beyond the classroom.