Monday, February 8, 2010

Tech of the week

Though I was really stressed out trying to get my tech of the week project done, I think the idea of it is really cool, and I am learning a lot. It has been interesting to see how each piece of technology can be used it not only the obvious courses but in each course we will be teaching. Before taking the time to do research on Flickr, the only thing I thought pictures could be used for is to add an image to a power point but when I spent some time searching the web and just sitting down and thinking what pictures could be used for I was amazed by all the things I could think of! One of my favorite projects I have had to do to this day was in my 3rd grade class where the teacher handed out random pictures and told us to write a 1 page story on it... it was soooo much fun! And it was so interesting to hear what everyone's stories. Thinking back on it now, that was a great way to let us students use our imaginations to have fun with writing. The things I loved most about Flickr and think I will use in my classroom are Flickr map, photo story, and locating shapes in the outside world (math).

I really liked learning about Google Earth and Podcasts as well. I have Google Earth and have played around with it before, but did not know it could do more than just locating pictures of people's homes. I really liked that it can also be used to look at images in the oceans and in space! How cool! With Podcasts, I really never thought about using them in the classroom, but they can be very useful. After class I was listening to a few of them that Kari posted and they were really neat! I think all 3 of these can be used when teaching, not only as teachers when lecturing but the students can also use these applications to learn.

I did not realize until Professor Nillas mentioned it on Thursday, but because they are posted online, in a few years when we are all teaching we can go back to this site and look at the examples to help as we make lesson plans. Overall I think this has been really neat and I am excited to learn more as the weeks progress.


LAN said...

Being resourceful is part of learning how to become an efficient teacher. With finding resources for your flickr project you are forced to search for good websites. In doing so you have contributed to the growing body of information available on the web. Your classmates will all have chance to share their contributions. Thanks for the work you shared to us.

Brittany Gonio said...

I didn't realize either that we could continually look back at this site for the examples in our future lesson planning. This will be such a great resource for creating diverse lesson plans.