Monday, February 8, 2010

technology of the week

So far I have definitely found the technology of the week projects really helpful and interesting. I was immediately intrigued by the podcasts. I have never really used or listened to podcasts before, and doing my smartboard project I found that I could use a podcast of a reading of the novel I am teaching to make the exercises more engaging. Instead of just reading from the board or from their books, the students can hear the text. Without the technology of the week presentations, I don't think I would have even considered using podcasts in my project. I also like the idea of Flickr because it allows for more creativity in an English classroom. I think any time you can incorporate images and students can actually see something other than text in front of them, they are going to immediately be more interested and pay more attention. Flickr is a great resource to find writing prompts, share photos, create image projects, and much more. I am using both of these technologies in my smartboard project and am sure I will be able to use them in a future classroom.

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spierpoint said...

I agree with Caitlin about the Podcasts. I think that giving students the opportunity to actually hear the text they are reading can really help increase understanding. It also allows visual and auditory learners to have a better chance of understanding.