Monday, February 8, 2010

Tech of the Week

I have really enjoyed learning about new technologies this past week in class. The technologies that we have learned about will serve as excellent learning tools for students in my future classroom. The three technologies, Podcasts, Flicker, and Google Earth seem like they would supplement the curriculum at any grade level extremely well. Since I have never used Podcasts, I was not aware that they were used often in an educational setting. I thought it was very useful to learn about different websites we could use to find educational podcasts. I am going to begin searching for podcasts which would be relevant to classroom material and subscribe to them. I was also not familiar with Flicker. I have never used Flicker and was unaware of all of its capabilities. I could not believe the projects that could be created using a photo sharing site. I am excited to be able to create photo books. Since some students are visual learners, this would serve as a wonderful teaching tool for those students. I can see myself using Flicker often when I am teaching about other cultures. Although I have used Google Earth before, I enjoyed learning about the update tools. I never know that you could look at pictures of animals and places when you clicked on certain areas of the world. I will use this tool when I teach students about different parts of the world and different animals. It would help students better understand these topics if they were able to see them within the world context. I have really enjoyed learning about these technologies so far. I am excited to see the presentations in the future so that I can learn more tools to use in my future classroom.

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