Monday, February 8, 2010

Tech of the Week Thoughts

I have definitely enjoyed the tech of the week spots each week. I have at least heard of the ones we have covered thus far. It is really cool to see how one can use these technologies in the classroom because I would have never thought about it. These websites and activities force you to be really creative in the way you teach. I liked Google Earth because it could be so useful in the elementary setting. I would definitely use it when teaching social studies because you can virtually take your class almost anywhere in the world to explore different cultures or even land forms. I also liked Podcasts because there are SO many different activities you could come up with to tie one into. It was really neat to see that there are podcasts out there for literally almost everything and anything. I also did not know you could subscribe to them on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. Definitely worth a try in the future. Finally, I enjoyed Flickr, but I am not sure if I would use is as much as the other two in the classroom. It is hard for me to imagine creating a lesson based on a picture or series of pictures. Although I did like the idea of creating a picture book for a lesson. (Hopefully someone else would pay for it!) Overall, I think technology is a great thing to bring into the classroom because it helps all the different types of learners. They all can take something away and put it to good use, which is the key to it all. I am excited to see the rest of the technologies that are in store for the rest of the semester.


kunruh said...

I agree that I never would have considered using some of these technologies in the classroom. I will also use these technologies when I begin teaching. I would never have thought of some of the creative aspects of the technologies if we had not discussed them in class. Since, I have never used Podcast I also did not realize how many different topics they covered. Now that I understand Podcasts better, I will subscribe to them for use in a classroom.

eschimic said...

I agree with Jenna that Flickr may not be the most useful technology to use in the classroom compared to the others we have studied so far. Although it seems like an interesting program, I cannot imagine that it would be incredibly helpful in the classroom. However, as Jenna mentioned, it may be beneficial if I ever plan to make a picture book to supplement one of my lessons.