Monday, February 8, 2010

Podcasts and Flickr

I thought both of the technologies that were introduced this week were excellent resources for teachers. I liked the podcasts because it allows students who are audio/visual learners to learn in a way that will meet their needs. They are great for teaching things like different languages, social studies, and reading and they provide students with an opportunity to improve upon their listening skills as well as comprehension skills. Podcasts are also useful in the sense that you can subscribe to certain podcasts that you feel will supplement your teaching.

I really liked Flickr because it is a resource that teachers can use when they want their students to be creative. I liked the idea of having students find pictures to tell a story. Using pictures will help supplement students' stories and will benefit those students who always say they never know what to write about. This is because if you help these students find 3-5 pictures to get them started, it will give them a basic idea of what they want their story to be about and will help them get some ideas down on paper.

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Caitlin said...

I agree with what Christine has said about the opportunities podcasts and flickr open up to a classroom. I especially like the idea of having students choose images from flickr that can serve as writing prompts. As a future English teacher, I think this is an interesting and exciting way to engage students who would normally be hesitant to write. By allowing students to choose their own pictures from a site like flickr, the writing becomes more personal and can include a creative aspect that many standard writing prompts do not.