Thursday, November 20, 2008

Smartboard Experience

I never realized the limitless opportunities that smartboard offers. Smartboard is a unique tool that adds a lot to a lesson. I enjoyed exploring the many interactive activities and incorporating sound, video, and interactive assessments into a lesson. Students gain a lot from being able to go up to the board and write in their own answer or complete an activity. It is great that students also recieve instant feedback because smartboard provides tools to check answers. I believe that teaching using a smartboard lesson engages students and helps them pay attention better. Overall, they will take away more from the lesson due to the interactive components.

I enjoyed finding numerous resources for my smartboard project on music. I set up my smartboard so students can first learn the content area of musical direction and categorizing instrument families, and then assessing what students learned through interactive activities. Smartboard offered a lot of resources for music such as the interactive music chart and interactive orchestra seating chart. It added a lot to my project that the images of instruments on smartboard incorporated sound. I have seen smartboard in use in the classrooms at Bloomington Junior High School and it is a very effective teaching resource. I am happy that I now am comfortable creating a project using a technology I previously had no knowledge of. I hope that in the future I am able to be lucky enough to have smartboard in my classroom.

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