Thursday, November 20, 2008

SmartBoard Experience!

Unlike all the other activities we have done, I was not familiar with SmartBoard at all. I had never encountered a program like it but am so glad I have learned how to use it. It is such a neat program that would be so beneficial in the classroom. It not only provides information in a visually appealing way like a powerpoint presentation, but it also allows the teacher to do intereactive activities with the students. It is a great way to get the students involved and keep them interested in the subject matter.
It was great to create my own SmartBoard notebook too. It provided me with experience that I know I will use in the classroom because this will probably by a prominent technological tool by the time I am a teacher. I am now familiar with all of the tools it offers and could successfully create a SmartBoard notebook for the classroom. Once again, I am in awe with the things I can do with a computer. Technology is advancing quickly, and for once I feel as if I'm moving along with it and am on top of the game.

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Kimberly said...

i agree with your last sentence! thanks to this class, i feel like i am up-to-date on the latest teacher technology.