Thursday, November 20, 2008

Technology of Today

I think that the experience of using the smart board was very interesting and definitely something that I hope to use in the future. Although I do not think that other computer technology is going out of style or will be obsolete, but I think that with the growing number of smart boards in classrooms that the use of the program is very applicable and important to know.
I think that many of the things the smart board program can do are very helpful for interactive teaching and learning more than some of the other modes of technology that we have learned. Students can actively get up and write on the board, interact with the visuals on it, and learn by doing so.
There would be some changes that I would make, however. At time, I felt like the software was restirctive. Some of the things I wanted to do that were found in the other technologies were not available with the smart board. This was okay though. It forced me to re-evaluate what I was thinking of doing and create something new and diferent. Overall I think that every teacher should have the opportunity to experience working with a smart board. Because the technology is advancing continually, smart board is becoming the technology of today.

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