Thursday, November 20, 2008

Smartboards: The Next Wave Of Technology

I was very excited to be able to learn about Smart Boards in this class. Last semester I had seen and even helped use one in the class I was observing at Bloomington Junior High school but I had no idea all of the possibilities with it.

I loved seeing all of the games one can add to enhance a presentation. But most of all I love how easily it is to cater to every type of learner. For visual learners you can have photos and words. Aesthetic learners can come up to the board and write their ideas or circle things. And for those students who just cannot sit still there are tons of learning games they can participate in.

Although it was fun learning how to use this software, there were times it was very frustrating. It seems to run very slow on Macintosh computers. There were also things I wanted to do such as select multiple items or link just a few words that are very easy to do in other software programs but not in this.

Yes, Smart Board had its challenges but it was fun and engaging too. I realize that this will help me in my future classroom as this becomes the next wave of technology.

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