Monday, February 22, 2010

Elementary Reading: Drawing

I thought the reading in this chapter was really intriguing. In many classes it's hard for teachers to get students to pay attention while using a computer. Many of them are used to having one at home that they use to play games and surf the web. As teachers we can now show the students that they can have fun with computers while learning by using the drawing programs. I think this is a great transition for students to have.

One thing I loved that this chapter included was the idea of portraits. Self-portraits can be utilized at any grade level and the drawing tool can help with that. The book also talks about growth processes and how drawing programs can be used for that. I remember in science we learned so many processes that can now be easily taught with drawing on the computer. Students can use these programs to interact and learn hands on.

As for the photo story, I'm finding it really cool how you can teach students in different ways. I think this is something I would definitely use and would be so helpful for students who are absent.

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