Monday, February 22, 2010

Elementary Reading: Drawing

I thought this chapter was interesting. I do not often think about using computers to draw pictures. Thinking back to when I was younger, I remember how much I enjoyed using drawing and painting programs on the computer. Kid Pix used to be my favorite drawing program and I would often use it when I finished my homework at night. Drawing programs are the perfect tool to use for non-linguistic representations as the reading started. These programs would be especially useful for hands-on and visual learners.

The ideas for using drawing projects were insightful. I will be able to use many of the drawing examples when I begin teaching. The four squares project seemed very useful. I could see myself using this project when I taught students about various processes. The drawing programs also are prefect for tessellations. I remember creating tessellations by hand when I was in elementary school, but the computer would make the process much fast.

My photo story project is going well. I could seem myself using this tool when I begin teaching. It provides students with another medium to learn from, which would help keep students engaged in the lessons.

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