Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Working with Podcasts

I liked this podcast project because podcasts are another resource that I would be able to use in my future classroom. My subject area for this project was science and I found numerous National Geographic video podcasts as well as science talk shows for kids. The audio podcasts I found could be used in an elementary classroom while the students are doing activity stations. I've seen a classroom do stations for language arts and it seemed to be very beneficial for students to learn and review the content in various ways. When doing stations in science, one of the stations could be at the computers and students could listen to these different audio podcasts while answering prompted questions.
I enjoyed finding the video podcasts because I think having a visual while hearing the information helps young students to make the connection between the facts and the subject. National Geographic video podcasts are excellent resources that could be played for the entire class or in small groups.
The podcasts that I found for science were accurate and I could see myself using them in the classroom to help incorporate science and technology.

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