Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I think that using podcasts/videos in the classroom will be very helpful. Since I am hoping to teach in an elementary school, I know that I will have very distractible students. Podcasts/videos help to draw the students' attention. Since it is a change of pace from the normal day, students are more likely to want to be involved. It is also easier to bring in different types of resources to accommodate all students' learning styles. If one student learns better from listening, and one learns better visually, a video will work for both students. There is also a lot more room to be creative.

Podcasts/videos are also great because they can be shared with so many people. It is harder to distribute books and other things, but the use of the internet makes things available at that instant. A teacher could make a video in another country, and I could have it in a matter of seconds.

Podcasts/videos are good because they resemble something that many students enjoy, television. If we start to get students interested in positive forms of entertainment, they may be more inclined to want to learn. For example, if I showed a SchoolHouse Rock music video, the students would probably be more likely to remember the information as opposed to me just telling them what they need to know. Another example is the use of the video in which Darth Vader explains math concepts. Children who like Star Wars will be interested, and will probably be more receptive to the lesson.

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